Sunsuki electric bicycle Wuxi co., LTD. is a set of production, sales, research and development and service in one of the national class motorcycle production qualification enterprises, passed the national mandatory products 3C certification, has a new national standard electric bicycle, electric mopeds and electric motorcycle full series of product announcement catalog, can legally on the road. The company has a number of automatic production lines, product quality testing pipeline and a variety of professional testing equipment, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, has the EU EMARK and EEC certification.

Contact information of all departments of sunshine Suzuki Electric Bicycle Wuxi Co., Ltd

Investment hotline: 86-400-0969-688

Pre sales customer service: 86-138-6186-7558 (manager MAO)

                                             86-183-5251-0029 (manager Zheng)

Note: responsible for order receiving, order inquiry, model configuration consultation, etc

After sales customer service: 86-150-6179-1939 (manager Luo)

                                                86-158-5277-6223 (manager Gao)

Note: parts orders, returned parts, after-sales problem handling, etc

Sales Hotline: 86-137-0151-3549 (general manager Lin)

                       86-138-6182-6188 (President Chen)